Hot-air ovens

These are hot air ovens for drying the ink after printing.

The machine allows selection of desired operating temperature, which is then maintained automatically by the machine.


Ink drying oven

Ovens used to dry the ink after printing.

The ovens are designed to use the appropriate drying technique according to the ink and application used. There are IR ovens, forced hot-air ovens, and combination ovens: IR+hot air, UV ovens.


Ink-drying ovens

These ovens are used to dry the ink after printing.

The equipment allows regulation of the speed of the belt, setting the operating temperature and the IR radiation, with the option to change these values in different parts of the machine; the centring of the belt is automated using a pneumatic/mechanical system that keeps it always in the correct position. Guides are fitted to the opposite side of the belt roller and are used to adjust the belt tension.

The inside of the oven is insulated with rigid ecological panels resistant to high temperatures (over 850° C).

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